Garage Door Tune Up – How Often Should I Get It Done

You know, your overhead door takes a great deal of wear & tear on a regular basis. The daily up and down of it also have an impact on it. How often you should tune-up your overhead door depends on how well you wish your door to keep functioning.

Unlike the vehicle you keep inside the garage, your overhead door tune-up does not rely on the kilometers driven. We at Thrifty Garage Door Repair Edmonton recommend an overhead door tune-up to be done between the hot and cold seasons, or semi-annually.

Spring Season Overhead Door Tune-Up:

The homeowners must do an inspection during the spring prior to the summer when the weather heats up. This inspection is only to make sure that everything is functioning as it should. Does the remote function appropriately? Does the door close and open correctly? Check out the inside operations with your door closed? Check for worn cables, corroded hinges, and indications of excess wear and tear.

You can take out the rust with the help of a wire brush and lubricate the parts or call a professional service provider like us. If you are not mechanically proficient or you do not have time to do a meticulous overhead door tune-up by on your own, feel free to call us.

Winter Season Garage Door Tune-UP:

Plan to do a professional tune-up of your garage door prior to the season when the weather gets extremely cold. Our 21-point maintenance tune-up covers all facets of your garage door functions, pre-winter tune-ups make sure the weather stripping is functional.

The last and worst thing you wish is to waste money on unwanted energy costs during the brutal winter weather in Edmonton. Simple, affordable overhead door weather stripping can save hundreds of dollars on energy bills with a fast and efficient replacement or installation.

Even though the R-value of the overhead door’s insulation is less effective than wall and ceiling insulation, it will save you money. The installation of weather stripping during overhead door maintenance can stop those strong winds from blowing the seams around the sides of your door and the threshold at the foot, which would certainly increase your heating and cooling bill.

Need a garage door tune up on an emergency basis? Contact Thrifty Garage Door Repair Edmonton now for the best possible deal.  Garage door maintenance and repair is our specialty and we have the skill to serve garage door of any make or model.