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Most of us don’t give much thought to our garage door cables. We only start thinking about them when they are faulty! Remember that cables play a very important role in efficiently raising and lowering the garage door.
Have you noticed any problems with your door lately? At Thrifty Garage Door Repair Edmonton, we have you covered for any garage door repairs. We cover a broad spectrum of issues such as simple wear and tear, off-track doors, and noise reduction to complex emergency repairs. From small homes to commercial properties, we can handle all repairs.
Did you now that a garage door has a lot of influence on your home? About 30% - 40% of your homes façade. If you did not, then henceforth, just know that the garage door is the biggest moving part of your house.
Is your garage door not closing or opening properly, or not responding to the  the  garage door opener remote  ? Then, most likely, your garage door opener is faulty. You need to repair or replace it, in a better scenario a rest and reprograming would help.
You wake up one morning ready to drop your kids in school or rush to the office. But, to your surprise, you realize that your garage door cannot open. Reason? Its torsion springs are damaged.